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The zodiac sign you get married under says a lot about your future as a couple. Discover your Capricorn Marriages: December 22—January Capricorn is.

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She searches for someone who can fill the emotional needs of her partner and longs for his security as well. At the same time, Scorpio man possesses a mysterious aura and a magnetic gaze that could draw the interest of many admirers. The Cancerian lady is unable to ignore the charm of this guy. Interestingly, not many people know, beneath his cool and calm exterior, Scorpio is always full of passion for life and love. Is Scorpio man the best match for Cancer woman? He has a huge crush for a woman who is strong-minded, charming, sensitive, independent, sensitive, and caring.

Let him the one set the pace! Scorpio man dislikes flirtatious women.

Cancer and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility: GOOD or BAD???

When he has set his eye on you, he will not stop or give up as he must win over your heart. Once you two make the commitment, then he will turn into a devoted, faithful partner. Aside from Scorpio, Capricorn is also a good friend of Cancer. When these two are combined, they are very harmonizing. Once both put their effort in a project together, they could successfully achieve the best result.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Nevertheless, their different way of thinking may lead to arguments sometimes. Cancer, in most cases, is the one starting the discussion, but their initial energy will wanes out soon. Otherwise, Scorpio is good at maintaining the same vigour from the beginning to an end of an argument. Scorpio might pretend to concede but just for a moment; later, they will pay off with their revenge by using the emotional manipulation.

If Cancer and Scorpio want to be in a long-term friendship, then it is necessary for both to frequently hold open conversations. Until they understand each other really well, they will believe more in each other. When they find comfortable with each other, they are able to accomplish everything, even the hardest tasks, together. The moment they learn to trust each other, their friendship will develop on a deeper, more intense level. Dana Clayton has been writing about horoscope since she was 18 years old. Now, she is currently serving as a Love Life and Horoscope contributing editor for United Dana knows very well what she should do to keep articles fresh and up to date.

Before, she worked for some common website, such as TechSpot, due to her interest for video gaming. I read recently that Cancer is the sign ranked most dangerous by the FBI, followed by Scorpio… I do find Scorpios to be our perfect accomplices in crime and mischief haha! Virtually every Scorpio girl I have known was very good at expressing herself whether in writing, speaking or gestures, it is an ability which I seem to lack and which I envy in them. And they are the only ones who appear able to earn my trust and make me leave my usual shell.

I get along easily with Pisces too, but mostly with regards to friendships; the connections I may have with them are not as intense. Personally I think Cancer and Scorpio can go along well with each other because both share the sensitive side clearly.

They could understand each other greatly on the emotional level and will never find this kind of connection with other zodiac signs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Table of Contents. Related Posts. Laura February 28, But, the absence of autonomy promises resentment and boredom down the road. A big fence between houses might spare the neighbors!

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  • They draw down the shades tight. Hopefully, the walls are soundproof too. When securing in a secret place all their own, two Scorpios go wild. This couple sheds their inhibitions as fast as their clothes! The downside to such lusty libidos is Scorpios are prone to having secret affairs. Even worse, they are not forgiving of such affairs if their partner cheats. The jealousy may arise over a real transgression or one perceived in error. A playful and flirty conversation with someone outside the relationship is bad news.

    It is enough to set off sparks of fury! Scorpio lovers require a lot of patience and understanding from their partner. They rarely give the amount of patience they demand a partner gives to them. The sex between two Scorpios is heavenly. But, the animosity arising from intense jealousy can feel more like hell. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility is exceptional if this duo plays fair. They bond well on an intellectual level.

    10 reasons WHY you need a SCORPIO friend - Hannah's Elsewhere

    Both parties find it easy to talk to one another, but they are still prone to secrecy. They need their secrecy to feel secure.

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    No one understands that truth better than another Scorpio personality. Scorpios are on the moody side.

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    When they are going through extreme mood swings, they understand what they need. But, one Scorpio can serve as an anchor for another. But, problems will arise if they are both in a down mood at the same time. The depression they feel can turn into a vicious circle. It extends the mood swing beyond its normal period and their emotional suffering. Scorpios find each other easy to relate to when they share their feelings with one another. They have a psychic connection.

    A glance from across the room or a certain way of smiling says everything they need to say. If this pairing ever mistrusts one another, all hell breaks loose. The communication between them will take one of two turns.

    Best Friend Matches for Your Sign

    They will either stop speaking to each other or torment each other. The torture begins with hurtful words and sentiments. Since they know each other so well, they know what hurts the most. Arguments can be quiet or downright hellish. If the Scorpio and Scorpio relationship results in marriage, these two settle down.

    When they have kids, they always come first as do all their day-to-day responsibilities. Being exhausted from taking care of chores and kids limits the time they spend together. If no children are involved, this relationship might slip into the parent-child dynamic. When this happens, one party is doing all the nurturing.

    The other ends up taking the nurturing partner for granted. The only way out of this rut is for the two lovers to restore the balance. They must show affection and caring for one another again. If the cooldown lasts too long, one or both Scorpios are more likely to stray. Two Scorpios communicate best through sexual relations. Even though they discuss emotions, they never share everything with one another. They hold back, in part, due to their nature, and because there is an everlasting level of mistrust.