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The zodiac sign you get married under says a lot about your future as a couple. Discover your Capricorn Marriages: December 22—January Capricorn is.

Venus is also receptivity, receiving. Venus wants to woo and be wooed.

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Venus is romance. For queers, of course, we know that we can deconstruct the shit out of this. First of all, everyone has Venus and Mars in their chart: yin and yang, receptive and active energies.

Reason being: Venus is the more receptive. Venus expresses love, but Venus really likes to be wooed. Mars is the active agent, the pursuer, the sex drive. And we all have both!

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  8. Think Wonder Woman. Furiosa in Mad Men. The last scene of Carol. Tasha riding her motorcycle off the base in The L Word. You might be a tad impulsive, sometimes.


    Venus in Aries Woman

    Matters of the heart always involve risk. How you show love: Energetically. You like shared, spontaneous activities that get your heart pumping. How you want to be wooed: Bold and adventurous grand gestures. However, you can get bored easily, so you also need folks who are interesting, ambitious, and who can keep you on your toes and juggle that need you have for your own space. Your love languages are luxury and long-term commitment.

    Creatures of habit, Venus in Taurus folks are deeply connected to your bodies, to desire, to what you want — and when you figure out what and who you want, you dig the fuck in. Venus is at home in Taurus and luxuriates in the slow, sensuous earthiness. You know how to show up every day and do the work of tending, of building something beautiful. I swear to god, the sex gets better and better every day.

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    4. How you show love: The fine art of tending. Tending looks different, depending on the stage of a relationship. It always looks like nourishment through food. Venus in Taurus expresses care through the physical. You want someone who is direct and committed and knows how to communicate that. Oh, Venus in Gemini.

      Venus in Aries Man

      You light up a room with an effervescent ease and wit. Think Jack Dawson charming the pants off all those stuffy first class folks in Titanic. You can put enough grease on any conversation to ease what was struggling; you have that particular gift of helping folks feel at home in their own skin without sacrificing your own integrity. You are always wholly yourself. In truth, variety is just the spice of life.

      You enjoy meeting different people, and it takes a lot to hold your attention for long. Clear communication is one of your non-negotiables. For you, affection given and received is also verbal, so communicating interest directly through language is important. How you want to be wooed: Clever and intelligent conversation. Witty banter. A trip to the bookstore. Security is everything to Venus in Cancers; you are private when it comes to matters of the heart.

      You want the other person to show their cards first. But you need to feel emotionally secure before taking any next steps. It takes you a while to come out of your shell. How you show love: By taking care of your people. Nourishing them. You have a knack for sensing their needs, and filling them. How you want to be wooed: Consistently, but not necessarily directly.

      But a slow dance? Did someone say grand gesture? Ride or die. Loyal AF. Experts at making your person feel like your one and only. Generous to a fault.

      Gemini Man and Aries Woman: Nature of Bonding

      Shouting from the rooftops for all to hear? Your penchant for noticing the little things serves you well in life — and in the bedroom.

      TheSunnySide Astrology: Venus in Aries

      You tend toward the pragmatic. You want to build something together. Help folks get their life together. How you want to be wooed: A shared Google Calendar. Being put together. Sharp fashion. A clean living space. Good cologne and perfume. When it comes to parties and fashion, no one does it better. You want someone who can match you, who wants to rule the collective roost and look good doing it. For you, partnership is everything. Chateau Cancer will be a cozy and well-appointed palace with overstuffed sofas and sentimental objects like souvenirs, family albums and framed photos.

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      With Venus in broad-spectrum Sagittarius you love without limits. A relationship of two, whole individuals is your ideal; not losing your identity in some claustrophobic couple bubble. A killer sense of humor is more likely to win you over than dashing good looks. Or, how about accessorizing with the ultimate deep sea treasure: A powerful attraction can literally overtake your common sense and you can get lost in a heady space during sex.